Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Busy Weekend!

Let's just say I am glad that the weekend is over. We had a very busy and exhausting weekend I am still trying to recover. I had decided to take on the task of planning a Harvest Party at church on halloween night. It went so well and their were a lot of people there. I had so much fun watching the kids play game and their faces light up when their bags were full of candy. The boys had lots of fun playing with all the kids that came. They haven't even asked about their candy.
Saturday we had our first basketball game. Let's just say we still need some pratice but we will be better next week. We forgot the camera so I don't have any pictures of Dylan yet. I will on Saturday.
Sunday we went to church, came home and just relaxed. Owen wasn't feeling well so he ended up sleeping most of the day away. Sorry if this post is so boring but that is really all we have been up to. I will have more to post after the weekend. We are taking the boys on a surprise outing. Chat at you all soon.