Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dylan's New Bike

On Thursday Dylan got a new bike. He had saved up half the money and so me and Derrick decided that as a reward for getting student of the month in school and for having such a great school year with reading, spelling and math we would pitch in for the other half. We had ordered it online and every day he would come home and ask if his bike was here....on Thursday when he got home I got to tell him that it was finally here. Needless to say he has not been off of it. At least the weather is cooperating for him to ride it. This weekend he wants to go to the bike park so we will see if it still looks new after that. Hope you guys have great weekend plans. We are taking the boys to the Skagit Speedway for the first time tonight. I will take pictures and let you know about our experience.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our house is finally painted!

Well...over Memorial Day weekend we got our house painted. We have wanted to do it since we moved in which was 3 years ago! Needless to say we got it done it took us 2 days but it is finished. We love the new color and now I just need to finish beauty barking the flower beds, finish our driveway and filling up my flower pots in the front of the house. I forgot to take a before picture but here are some after pictures. Hope you like them!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Having Fun!

We have just been having so much fun around here lately that I haven't had much time to post. We have been busy with outside projects over the last couple of weeks and now this weekend we will hopefully weather permitting get to finish our big one. We are going to paint our house. Yes we are going to do it by ourselves and hope it turns out ok. I will hopefully post you a before picture and an after and you can let me know what you think.
Dylan is very excited that school is almost over and he will be a 2nd grader and Owen is just loving life and the fact that he gets to stay home with mom all the time. We are taking one day at a time and waiting to see what is in store for us. I do know that God doesn't give us anything that we cannot handle....I just keep believing that. Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Fisherman!

On Sunday, Derrick took Dylan out fishing up at a pond we have near our house. He caught 5 fish and the most important thing was he did it all by himself. He was so proud and the look on his face when he came home said it all. Derrick was so happy too because watching Dylan catch those fish was better than Derrick catching them. He was so happy that he is going to try to go out again this weekend....if the weather holds off. Enjoy the lovely weather we are having outside!!